January 2023 Newsletter

It’s the start of a New Year, a time to try something new, brush up on skills, get fit,
meet new friends, have fun and be part of South Africa’s largest
Ladies Mountain Biking Club!

Our year of riding begins on Monday, 9th January.

If you would like to join our community, please get in contact with Nikki 0824683552.

If your Ride Package was paused at the end of 2022, it will be reactivated from next week.

With 5 qualified BICP Coaches, we are ready to give you an amazing experience on every ride ❤️

We will also be offering one morning of surfing and one morning of hiking this month, dates to be confirmed.



Cost: R650 valid for 30 days from date of purchase
*2+ rides per group, per week = 8 rides a month @ R75 per ride
*Monthly Outrides are included in the Ride Plan
*All rides will be lead by a Ride Leader
*Book in online www.trailangels.co.za



Due to your survey feedback, we are changing the structure of the Bike Park
Skills Sessions to allow more focus on Skills in small manageable groups.
Each riding group will get there own session(see below)
This is a very cost effective way to up skill.

We have 2 options:
1 hr session in Bike Park @ R100
1.5-2hr session on the trails @ R200

PLEASE NOTE : These sessions are on a first come, first serve basis and will
be communicated along with the Weekly Schedule on a Friday. Your skills
session content will be posted on your sub whatsapp group together with a
yoko link for payment.

1 Coach to 5 riders
*ABC -Thurs 9-10am
*Rookies – Wed 8-9am alternating 9-10am
*Int 1 – Wed 8-9am alternating 9-10am
*Int 2+3 Thurs 8-9am



*These are part of your Monthly Ride Plan.
*You will need to buy your own permit on the day
*Sometimes there will be an additional cost if we need to use Local Guides from the area.
*Book off the whole morning, so you don’t need to rush back
*There will be no local ride on the Outride Day


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