In seeking to participate on a mountain bike ride conducted by Nicola Haywood or any other Trail Angel leader, I hereby warrant and acknowledge that:

  1. My general health is good and there is nothing that renders me unfit to partake in mountain bike riding.
  2. I have valid medical insurance which covers me for mountain bike riding.
  3. I fully understand that mountain bike riding is an extreme sport and that there are risks involved.
  4. I will be cycling on tar and gravel roads as well as mountain trails and it is my responsibility to cycle safely.
  5. I will always cycle with an approved cycling helmet.
  6. If I have an accident, I will be personally responsible for any medical, legal or evacuation costs.
  7. I will take precautions to prevent sun burn.
  8. I am aware that adverse weather conditions may make a ride dangerous and may even be cancelled at the discretion of the ride leader.
  9. Rides may have to be cancelled because of conditions beyond our control.

I accept and voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in mountain biking and I, together with my heirs’ executors and administrators hereby release Nicole Haywood and any other leader, her servants, agents and representatives from any duty or care towards me in connection with my participation in any ride. Such said persons are furthermore released from liability from claims that could accrue to me, my heirs, executors and administrators in arising out of my participation in any ride or claims arose through the negligence of any person, or from any of the risks, dangers or hazards inherent in mountain bike riding, or of any loss of, or damage to, any property from any cause whatsoever and I further indemnify and hold harmless associated persons against any claims howsoever the same may arise.

I understand that pictures taken during the ride might be shared on social media. If I prefer not to have any photos of myself posted, I will get in touch with Nikki Haywood at or 082 468 3552

We wish you happy, safe and fun-filled rides with Trail Angels.

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